Auxiliary Team

Our Auxiliary team is made up of stakeholders and volunteers that help create and support our major events. This includes, but is not limited to: Family members, Staff members, Board Members, and Community Volunteers. This team started in October of 2012 and meets monthly to plan these events. A portion of the information they are given is created by the participants we serve through a committee that meets weekly called “Voices.” This way our participants dreams and wants are met and we are supporting our individuals to live successfully.

The committee has been a big part of our Disability Awareness Walk and Festival of Trees. They also have assisted with The Annual Christmas Party, The Annual MCE Picnic, Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Yard Warriors Competition, Annual Putt Putt Tournament, Annual Talent Show, and others.

Auxiliary meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. If you have an interest in becoming a part of our Auxiliary Team, please contact:

Shay Ingram
Community Support Planner
307-637-8869 Ext. 290

Auxiliary Meeting Minutes 6/20/2017

Auxiliary Meeting Minutes 5/16/2017

Auxiliary Roster List 2016

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