Contract Employment

Contract Employment Opportunities

License Plates of Wyoming – Magic City Enterprises contracts with the state of Wyoming to create and manufacture all license plates for the state of Wyoming. This contract assures a few people with disabilities employment and has been successful for several years.

GSA – This Federal contract provides janitorial services for two buildings. This provides day time work with good pay and a lot of public interaction.

F. E. Warren Base Contract – MCE has a contract with the local air force base to provide janitorial, shelf stocking and warehousing services at the base commissary. Workers are under a minimum amount of supervision and must perform jobs that meet very exacting standards. The program provides a good wage while preparing individuals for more competitive employment.

Lowe’s Distribution Center – Magic City Enterprises contracts with Lowe’s Distribution center to help clean and maintain their Distribution Center East of Cheyenne WY. This contract has been on going for numerous years and helps people with disabilities for employment.

ZOTZ (BioHealth) – MCE contracts with a company that specializes in creating medical kits that are sent to users in the mail. Workers put the kits together and get them ready to be mailed.

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