Day Programs

Day Programs and Services are a “Dream come True!”

MCE Day Programming Services reflect the interests as well as needs of each individual.  We are excited to announce that MCE offers three Day Services areas, each with a unique structured focus that will help to better serve individual needs.

Opportunities Program

The Opportunities Program is geared toward those participants who are employed or interested in being employed. Much of the activities and goals of this area will be vocational in nature. Transportation to and support in employment and volunteer positions is provided. The Opportunities Program participants will secondarily be involved in accessing the community, receiving relationship and social group supports throughout the week from the MCE psychology team as well as enjoying arts and crafts activities.


The Leisure Program is for individuals who desire a more quiet, less stimulating environment centered around sensory and developmental activities.  Secondarily, this program will access the community and enjoy arts, music, and crafts. Our Occupational Therapist will be involved in the creation of individual programming and activities for Leisure. Our MCE psychology team will offer multiple groups daily for behavioral support as well as opportunities to volunteer in a relaxing environment.


Our third program is the Access program. This program is centered around accessing our community and habilitation activities such as arts, crafts, and music. Secondarily the Access program will offer many development and sensory activities. The Access program will be visited daily by our psychology team which offers many social and relationship groups. Although it is not the focus, some Access participants may have a job or volunteer employment.

Community Projects:

All consumers are encouraged to participate in one our community projects.

  • Crochet afghans for seniors at Life Care or Mountain Towers.
  • Sew sleeping bags for the Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless.
  • Design Christmas ornaments for the Governor’s Christmas tree.
  • Create Christmas ornaments with a state of Wyoming design for the Tree of Peace in Washington DC.
  • Have a designated area of the Greenway for litter control.

Volunteer Projects

The Day Habilitation programs offer services to volunteer sites in the community. Volunteering benefits consumers by enhancing job skills, heightening awareness of community programs, developing new acquaintances and establishing natural supports for the consumers. Being a volunteer is an individual contribution to the community.

We provide volunteer services to:

  • Salvation Army kitchen
  • Salvation Army store
  • Mountain Towers
  • Cheyenne Life Care
  • Cheyenne Animal Shelter
  • Red Cross
  • ICON Center
  • Assembly of God Church
  • St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store
  • Stride Learning Center
  • YMCA
  • Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless
  • NEEDS Inc.

Leisure skills, community awareness and safety is practiced daily on site and in the community.

Choice and purpose are keywords for all MCE Day Habilitation programs.

All consumers are provided with opportunities to develop personal growth and self esteem by visiting web sites on the internet, films or discussion groups on rights and self advocacy.

Monthly meetings are held with the consumers in each area to discuss safety training and any issues or ideas for the program.

Consumers help arrange and schedule outings to places of their choice such as miniature golf, bowling, a nature walk, lunch, library or a museum visit.

The Day Habilitation programs provide a pleasant atmosphere and environment in which to learn and grow with help from the advisors who encourage self esteem and stimulate confidence.