Residential Habilitation

Residential Habilitation services are designed to meet the individual needs of each person. Needs are determined through comprehensive assessments that provide information regarding the need for support and supervision. This information is used to determine which Residential Habilitation program can best meet the individual’s needs.

Supervised Living – Individuals who need ongoing supervision to live in a community setting are served through the Supervised Living program. Individuals are provided with individualized training in daily living skills, personal care and social interaction. MCE maintains numerous homes throughout the community providing choices of living arrangements. MCE strives to assure a positive home environment where each individual can live, learn and grow.

Supported Living – Individuals who are able to safely live independently are served through the Supported Living program. Support and training are provided according to each individual’s needs and desires and often include training in daily living skills, use of community resources, social interaction, and budgeting. Individuals may live in their own homes, rented homes or apartments, or their family home. Individuals served through Supported Living also have access to staff support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Greenview Apartments – Magic City also has an apartment complex with 1 staff and 6 consumer apartments. This arrangement allows for individuals to live in their own apartment within a more secure and support setting.

Health Intensive Program – Focuses on the health and medical needs of individuals with more severe medical concerns. Psychological services M-F are available during the day.